I’m a 20 year-old (almost 21) aspiring journalist.

My undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies with a double major in Journalism and International Media and Communication Studies.


Undertaking honours in Muslim women media advocacy in Australian Media post 9/11 and the challenges and achievements encountered.

Working as a Community Engagement Project Coordinator at the Community Relations Commission, NSW government.

Student representative at the University of Wollongong which requires me to speak publicly about my experiences as a student at University. I encourage perspective as well as current students to think outside the box and gain more then just an education from their university time.


Coming from an ethnic minority group, my experiences have inspired me to want to break the stereotypes and stigmas attached to being a young Muslim woman living in Australia.

I would very much like to be able to present all sides of the story, dispassionately, and not just in the way that is usual mainstream approach to the Australian / Islamic community, as there are serious misconceptions that are presented in much of mainstream news media.

I am a volunteer writer for various local Fairfax newspapers including Fairfield Champion and Fairfield Advance. I am also currently writing for suite101.com, Unleash magazine and Wikinews.

Professional experience:

Published writer
Media researcher
Public speaker

Interests and passions:

Current affairs
World news
Middle Eastern Politics
Entertainment news
Reading (anything and everything)


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