It’s a first in Australian politics.

Sydney Labor MP, Ed Husic, has been promoted in new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s parliamentary line-up. Earlier this week, before the Governor General, Quentin Bryce, Mr Husic became the first politician to be sworn into a position on the Quran.

 Mr Husic is now a parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister.

Online comments flooded Twitter sphere, with some claiming Mr Husic is trying to “introduce Shariah in Australia”, “undermining the Australian constitution” and “affecting Australian culture.”  

The president of the Anti-Discrimination Board and chairman of the NSW Community Relations Commission, Stepan Kerkyasharian, said it was “a sad day for any society” when someone is abused because of their religion.

Mr Kerkyasharian went on to say, Mr Husic could act as a valuable bridge between the Muslim community and would put Australia at an advantage in the international community.

Despite the significant step for Mr Husic, and multiculturalism in Australia, it is not the first time an Australian politician has taken the oath on a religious text other than the Bible. Politicians of the Jewish faith have taken the oath under the Torah. One of those politicians was Kooyong member Josh Frydenberg, who today came in support of Mr Husic where he tweeted, “Criticism of @edhusicMP for being sworn-in on the Koran is a disgrace – we live in a democracy where we must respect freedom of religion.”

For his part, Mr Husic has downplayed the drama saying the public should not be too fussed about “harsh words out of dark corners’’.


~ by widyanalubudy on July 27, 2013.

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