Leaked documents reveal secret torture prison

Over 280 Iraqi detainees have been shuffled to a secret torture jail in Muthanna, North-West of Baghdad, secret government documents obtained by Human Rights Watch reveal. The documents uncover elite Security Forces under the power of the military office of Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri Al- Maliki brutally torturing detainees, forbidding family visits and denying them access to lawyers.

The secret reports also disclose interviews conducted by Human Rights Watch with detainees, revealing the horrific and inhumane mistreatment that prisoners suffered at the hands of 56th Brigade also known as the Baghdad Brigade. Detainees said that they were blindfolded and hung upside down, deprived of air by covering their faces with dirty plastic bags to cut air supply, kicked, whipped, viciously beaten multiple times till unconsciousness and given electric shocks on their genitals to awake the prisoners.

The deputy director of the Middle East for Human Rights Watch, Joe Stork told The New York Times, that the atrocities discovered were somewhat a “norm in Muthanna.” Immediate and meticulous investigation needs to be conducted by the Iraq government, said Mr. Stork.

The documents also reveal that interrogators undertook routine and systematic torture, forcing detainees to sign false confessions linking them to terrorist activities and support.“Abu Gharib was a picnic compared to this,” said Sheik Abdullah Humedi, a Sunni Arab tribal leader in Nineveh.

In one of the 18 documents leaked, a letter written to PM Nuri Al-Maliki, pleads with him to stop preventing family visits and detainee’s right to lawyers, arguing that such hindrance “meets neither legal nor humanitarian standards.”

The secret government documents furthermore exposed that prison inspectors were forbidden to visit particular parts of the secret jail, adding further confirmation that mistreatment of detainees within the walls of the prison was taking place under the supervision of security forces.

The Iraqi government has denied any wrong doing and refuses to acknowledge that the exposure of the secret torture jail destabilizes the Iraqi government’s guarantee to their people to value and uphold the rule of law. 

Widyan Al Ubudy.

~ by widyanalubudy on June 8, 2012.

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